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I am very interested in obtaining new and updated information regarding all Grantner descendants! The methodology for relating all family members in an overall family tree requires "horizontal" (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) information for individuals as well as "vertical" (children, parents, grandparents, etc.) information.

"Traditional" genealogy date includes names and birth/death dates for individuals and is the minimum required for establishing family ties. I am grateful for this minimum information. However, more information would be desirable.

Useful data is:
Names (First, Middle and Last plus Maiden names for women) for individuals, all spouses, children and parents.
Marriage Date and Place (and/or for Divorces)
Birth Dates and Places
Baptism Dates and Places
Death and Burial Dates and Places
Education, Occupation, Religion and Places of Residence
Immigration information, Notes and Stories
Scanned pictures and significant documents (300 dpi is best)
It is best if pictures for significant times and/or ages,
(such as school graduations, wedding, middle age, retirement)
are included.

The easiest way to send such information is probably by email, but the forms referenced below can also be used.

Try to provide horizontal (uncles, cousins, siblings) as well as vertical (parents. children) information. Spousal ancestry is also desirable.


It is very helpful if full middle names are used. Since many individuals in a family tree have not only the same last name but also common first names, the middle names are very helpful for identification. The "birth" last name (or "maiden name") should always be used for married women.

The structure of the update forms has information on a husband and wife pair in the middle of the form. (Unmarried persons can use just half of this section). Any form of date can be entered in the date field. Please be sure to make a very clear distinction between the day and the month in the entry. Do not be concerned if you do not know the exact date. You can use the words "about" or "approximately" in front of the date if you wish.

Information about the parents of the husband and wife is entered in the upper portion of the form. Please remember to use maiden names for females.

Information about children is entered at the bottom of the form.

It is best if you complete a series of forms, one for each family unit. After you have submitted a form for yourself and your spouse, consider another form with your parents in the center. This not only provides another generation of information, it also provides the names and birthdates of your siblings. These horizontal links are extremely useful is linking family "branches" together to build a "tree." The more linked families that you can provide (of: parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins, nephews/nieces, etc.) the easier it is to build a tree.

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Genealogie-Familienform Deutsche

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