You Can Get Your Own Copy of the Grantner Family Tree

I have the ability to "burn" CDs and can provide copies of the family tree to verified family members. To request a copy, send an e-mail message to me at

I am able to send a copy of the family tree in any one of 4 formats:

1) As a Reunion file: REUNION is the Software application that I use to create the family tree. It is available ONLY FOR THE MACINTOSH PLATFORM. The software is made by Leister Productions and costs about $100. It is, by far, the best genealogy software package available. If you have a Mac (including iMac), and want to purchase a genealogy software package, I highly recommend Reunion. If you have Reunion, I can send the family tree file, including the picture file, on a CD.

2) As a Family Tree Maker file: Family Tree Maker is another genealogy software package, made by Broderbund. Though I think that Family Tree Maker is inferior to Reunion, it is available for both the PC Platform and the Macintosh and seems to be quite popular (so I bought a copy). As for Reunion, I can send a copy of the file on a CD. It would be helpful for you to tell me whether you will be running Family Tree Maker on a PC or on a Mac. By the way, if you buy Family Tree Maker, I recommend the basic version for $29.99. The extra CDs that come with the more expensive versions are of practically no value.

I have found one annoying problem with Family Tree Maker. When reading a Gedcom file, Family Tree Maker does not recognize characters with accent marks (such as á or ë). This seems to be a problem with Family Tree Maker rather than Gedcom (see below for Gedcom). As a result, a name such as "Ján" in Reunion will translate to Family Tree Maker as "J.n". The only way I know how to get around this is to remove all the accents before translating the file to Family Tree Maker. In that way, Ján will become Jan in Family Tree Maker. Admittedly, this may be more of a problem for me than for you, but it is a difference between the two that I cannot reconcile.

3) As a Gedcom file: If you have a different genealogy program (from Reunion or Family Tree Maker), I can send the file in Gedcom format. Gedcom is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunication -- a file format developed by the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to meet their genealogical data communication needs and the needs of other institutions wishing to exchange data with the Family History Department. Gedcom has evolved into a defacto standard (supported by many genealogy software developers) for the exchange of genealogy information between different programs and computers. It is not perfect, and there may be some errors in translation, but it works fairly well.

4) As a set of Web Cards: If you do not have any type of genealogy software, you can still view the family tree. I can send you a set of "web cards". Basically, these are a set of linked screen shots from Reunion. You will be able to view individual family cards and see how they are linked (parents to children) and will be able to "navigate" through the cards (from child to parent or parent to child). You will, of course, not be able to edit the tree or create reports.


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