Grantner Family Tree_Basic
prepared by Richard G. Grantner
Prepared for Grantner/Grandtner family members.

The best way to start is to click on the Index (or Surnames) and find a familiar name (perhaps your own name). Click on that name to go that family card.

Alternatively … simply click on “”Home Card” above. This will take you to the patriarch of the Main Grantner Branch, Adalbertuys, born about 1760.

The Tibor Grandtner tree has two main branches and two patriarchs.
The descendants of Michal Grandtner (b. about 1764) and Katerina Schmidt form what Tibor (b. 1915) called the “Kremnica” branch. Tibor is in this branch.
The descendants of Johan Grantner (b. about 1770) and Catherina form what Tibor called the “Banská Bystrica” branch.
The common ancestor for these two branches has not yet been identified and the branches have not yet been linked to the Main Grantner Branch.

Use the Index to navigate to the patriarchs of the two Tibor Grandtner branches.

To navigate between cards ... Click on the name of a parent or child to show a different Family card.

For more detail ... Click on the underlined NAME of the Person or the Spouse to show the Person sheet; click on the CAMERA icon for Multimedia attachments. The camera icons are usually next to the names, but there may also be one in the gold band above the names.

Use the back button of your browser to return to the Family card from the Person sheet.